1.7.24 – haibun…What have you brought into 2024?

2024, haiku still brings much joy and carries me out wandering along. Opens me to the joy of the present moment, to direct experience of perceptions.

construction noise
out the cracked window–
leaves me wondering

2024, I have begun to play and explore the haibun form – prose and haiku together in various ways. It’s brought much fun and delight.

crow calls loudly
hammer on wood sound
pen keeps scratching

2024, I usually start the new year with an intention of sitting still and having a regular sitting meditation practice. 

there is no sitting still
always pumping blood
always flowing breath

The breath can be stopped momentarily for a greater sense of stillness. I pause to try it– more inner space opens up.

small birds
chirp in redwood tree
about what, unknown

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